Tulum Dothee, Owner & Director

Tulum Dothee, owner and school director, has been involved with Montessori since 1978 and has worked with families since 1971. She holds an Association Montessori Internationale Diploma from London, England in ages 3-6+ years, was trained with the American Montessori Society in toddlers, and holds adult education credentials in child and human development, health education and small business management.

Tulum operates Oakhaven, teaches classes in parenting and personal growth, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist in private practice, writes mindful parenting tip articles and has a degree in Medical Assistance, specializing in family practice and ob/gyn. She is in the process of manefesting a life goal: To create a Parenting Blog!

For more info contact Tulum. Tulum is the Head Teacher and takes care of the office whenever she has a spare moment.

Oakhaven Volunteer Parent Staff

We are a parent participation school. Who else but a fellow parent is going to be as dedicated to creating the best preschool and camp experience for our children! These gals are a big part of why Oakhaven is so special. Our parent volunteers rotate cultural subjects and apply those subjects to these core areas: art, science, music, cooking, yoga, movement, cultural studies and of course the ABC’s!

Maria, Everley and Marcel’s Mom just joined us as our Monday Gal.  She and her family recently relocated here from The City, San Francisco.  Maria is passionate about music and art.  She took to her responsibilities here right away, lucky for us.  Everley is in kindergarten here at Oakhaven this year and Marcel is an inquisitive 3 year old learning the ropes.  Wait till you see Maria’s fashion sense!

Jenna, Alianna’s Mom, is in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jenna is in her second year and the children really listen to her. She is kind and gentle and a big help with our new little ones as well as being a wiz at organizing and cleaning.  Jenna is doing songs, finger plays, and arts and crafts this year.  Alianna is in her pre-kindergarten year and loves her friends, the garden room and swimming pool.

Diane, Charles’ Mum, is here on Tuesdays.  She wears many hats: our admin assistant, teacher trainer and sometimes classroom teacher.  Diane is in her third year here. Diane has a great work ethic and does a smashing job of  getting the office into shape, following the rules and training new helpers. Charles is here for summer camp, wait till you hear Charles’ darling British accent! Diane loves to share songs with finger play and movement and we love to do them with her, so fun!

Sherri, Bellagrace’s Mom is our Wednesday Gal in the classroom.  She brings all kinds of talents to the table including following the rules, keeping the kiddos in line,  arts and crafts, swimming instruction and life guarding.  Sherri is a hoot and loves to laugh! Great to have you Sherri!

Tess, Ella’s and Everett’s Mom, is our Friday Gal and has been with us since August of 2014, making this her third year!  Tess has a magic touch with children and plants and always does the right thing.  She will win you over with her Southern Charm!   Daughter Ella is bright as a whip and independent and joins us for enrichment and summer camp.  Everett is in his pre-kindergarten year loves to help out.   We love them all and so will you. Tess is taking charge of science this year.


All of us use Tried and True Mindful Parenting Techniques.  For Mindful Parenting Tips come join a class, learn more: Counseling and Classes. For Info on our discipline policy go to Discipline Policy