Afternoon Enrichment Program

For transitional kindergarteners, kindergarteners and home schoolers.

Afternoons from 12:45 – 3:30 pm.

Want more of Oakhaven and Tulum for your child!

Weʼll ensure your child gets time working with the beautiful Montessori Materials to further their Language, Math & Cultural & Social skills.

Children pass though Sensitive Periods during which windows open for them to learn certain aspects of how to be in the world. These periods are age specific and your child will be drawn  to certain experiences and activities to meet the needs of each period. Whether they get these needs met or not depends on the environment and the adults who create and maintain it. Once the Sensitive Period has passed the window is closed, goal met or not. Until the age of six – seven your child is passing through the following sensitive periods.

  • Sensory Development: Your child is developing and refining their sensory system which is  crucial for them to be grounded in their lives-even more important now in the age of Sensory Integration!
  • Language Development: Your child will absorb aspects of language effortlessly.
  • Social Development: Who your child will be in life, their values and mores come from their  social setting from the ages of 3 – 6+.

Making sure the goal of each period is met depends on using 3 dimensional materials, an
environment designed for the whole child, and adults specifically trained to recognize and guide your child to meet their individual needs.

Let Oakhaven help. The Montessori Approach has been time proven all over the world since 1907!