Special Chair: Everyone else has a special place to sit, get a comfy child sized chair for your child too. Set up a lamp nearby so your child can enjoy a good book with ample light.

Family Projects: Have an area/table where the family can do jig saw puzzles together, domino arrangements, collages, on-going projects that can be left out and worked on together.

Craft shelf/Basket: Equip with lots of fun arts and crafts supplies, again using the rotation basis to keep interest high. Show HOW to use the supplies rather than doing specific projects. Remember that children up to the age of 4 years do stuff simply for the joy of doing it, not for the end product. Keep their creations and stock them up so that when special days, birthdays, mother/father days come around you will have a supply of truly wonderful items that your child can choose from to give a loved one.

Game Center: Set up a board game area and designate game night. Rotate the games, cards, dice etc. and set them up in a specific area or shelf for visibility, which entices and encourages family fun.

Individual Baskets: Each family member should have a good sized basket with a handle to put their activities, shoes, etc. into. Each person takes their basket to their room at the evenings end and puts their stuff away.

Make regular trips to the library and check out books on places, people, nature etc. Get factual books with realistic illustrations or photos. Designate alone book time so that your child will become accustomed to reading everyday. This will also afford you some well deserved daily reading time. 20 - 30 minutes is what your after here, same time every day.