I drop my 4 year old at preschool and my 3 year old has a difficult time leaving the preschool without an argument or fit. My 3 year old and I plan special time while my 4 year old is at school, but the 3 year old still objects about leaving the school.

Hopefully your 3 year old will be enrolled in preschool this coming fall. Try celebrating the fact that your 3 year old is wanting to stay at school and use the “As soon as..” response, “As soon as you are toilet trained you can come to school too.” Use whatever applies. Express joy that your child is excited about school, and at the same time make space for your child’s feelings, “Yes I can understand that it’s hard to leave. I’m excited that you like it here and are eager to come! We’re leaving now though, you can have a good cry in the car if you like.” Then close your mouth, resist all temptation to fix or change your child’s feelings and turn up the radio and sing along loudly if the fit continues.

Set up preschool time at your home so your child has that to look forward to. You could invite mom’s with similar situations to collaborate on your preschool at home endeavor, planning and carrying out an hour or so of activities. Try rotating houses.