My 2 year old daughter will not brush her teeth and I am uncomfortable with the doctor’s “put them in a headlock” approach. How do we get her to brush her teeth?

—Fighting more than cavities.

Dear Fighting more than cavities,

Try making it fun! Start with a shopping trip where she gets to choose a new brush and toothpaste for herself. Offer her a choice between two options with which you are comfortable. Brush your teeth together many times during the day. Exaggerate the motions and have an attitude of enthusiasm and fun loving joy. Hold her in a place in your mind where she is now enjoying this time together and the activity. Have complete faith that this is reality, and speak to her in affirmations. “We love to brush our teeth!”. Let her brush your teeth and then it’s your turn to do hers. Use a small hand mirror to admire how clean your teeth are, your child is drawn to small things and any way you can incorporate them will boost your child’s interest. Pretend to brush your teeth with your air brush many times during the day and make up a little song to sing while you are doing it, “We’re brushing our teeth, yes brushing our teeth, we’re brushing our teeth and it is FUN!”